We are happy to work with you to arrange a payment system that fits with your company’s budget. If there is interest in your company for Yoga classes, but your company is unable to pay any/all of the bill, please don’t hesitate to contact us to design a payment system that works for you!

Comfortable, fitted clothing is ideal, but because classes are held at work, we encourage employees to come to class, even if they are wearing their “work” clothes. We also encourage students to practice barefoot or in their socks. Although we suggest students bring their own Yoga mats for hygienic reasons, we do provide some Yoga mats and other props if needed.

Because our Yoga classes are all-levels, we welcome any person to practice Yoga. Our teachers are ready to modify each pose to fit the needs of all who attend.


  • What about liability?

The same conference room ready for Yoga! 

Not only are our instructors knowledgeable and passionate about offering safe, supportive Yoga classes, we also all carry liability insurance. Most of our clients have their own participation waiver they require each student to complete, and we have our own waiver form we require to be signed as well.  

The conference room at Harsch Investments. 

  • Does my office have the space for Yoga?

  • What if we have pregnant employees who would like to participate in class?

  • Our company cannot afford to pay for classes but there are employees who are interested in taking classes…

You’d be surprised at how little space we need to comfortably hold a Yoga class. We hold most of our classes in meeting rooms and we are happy to move tables/chairs. A typical Yoga mat is 2.5 feet x 5.5 feet and there should be at least a foot on each side of the mat for the student to feel free enough to move. If you are interested in starting Yoga classes but are unsure about your space, call us for a free consultation!

  • What should participating employees wear/prepare for class? 

  • How far out will you travel?

We do not only have corporate yoga in Portland, but also the surrounding areas such as Clackamas, Beaverton, Tigard, Hillsboro. If you are not in Portland Metro, please contact us to see if we can make the trip to your office!