Upcoming/Current Franklin Method Classes/Workshops:

Strong Core, Mobile Center

A Franklin Method Workshop with Alison Wesley

  • August 12th from 3-5pm
  • $30/held at the Bhaktishop - go HERE to register

Having a strong core seems to be the answer to all of life's problems in the movement world - but what does it really mean? In this workshop, we will learn to embody core strength without tension, discovering the action (and interaction) of each of the abdominal muscles, the iliopsoas and the diaphragm. This is core galore and working with these areas will allow you to move in all directions with the feeling of support instead of grip, to receive all the wonderful benefits of full, efficient breathing and to just feel generally more centered! 

Fascial Fitness
A Franklin Method Workshop with Alison Wesley

  • Oct 5th 6-8pm
  • $30/held at the Bhaktishop - go HERE to register

With a blend of dancy, bouncy, springy movements, we'll first work with the quality of rebound inherent in fascia. We'll then learn how to fascia-cize (a wonderful term coined by my dear teacher, Morten Dithmer) which is a standing, prop-less series you can do daily to feel more mobile, fluid and flexible...and then, of course, we'll spend a great deal of time rolling out, following just some of the pathways and intersections of fascia. You'll learn the functions of what connects, separates and supports us in our bodies, as well as lots of tricks to easily find freedom in any area...you'll feel more relaxed and bouyant by the end of class. 

Back to Mobility

  • Every Tuesday 8:30-9:30am
  • held at Parallel 45 at 316 SE 123rd Avenue, Vancouver, WA
  • $12 to drop in/$50 for 5 classes 
  • visit www.parallel45.com for more info

A blend of Franklin Method and Therapeutic Yoga - great for folks just starting a movement practice, healing from injury or looking to slow down and learn the ins and outs of better movement. In this class, we work with how to make daily movements like sitting/standing/getting up and down off of the floor more easeful. Sometimes we will be using props like rolled blankets to offer support/release along with small, soft balls for gentle self-massage. This class was born out of Alison's work with Spinal Yoga at Rebound Physical Therapy and is offered as a continuation for people who went through that series and are wanting more, but it is open to all and accessible to all.

Franklin Method Inspired Yoga

This fun hybrid class is challenging enough for the experienced practitioner while also being accessible for newer students. Anything is possible in here: whether we are examining one specific anatomical action or delving into a yogic concept, you will learn more about you in many different areas of awareness. Using creative props like stretchy bands, we spend time with smart, dance-like movement as well as fascial release via rolling on different types of therapy balls. Each week we will practice getting stronger without tension and creating more flexibility without laxity. This is a totally unique class experience, and will leave you lighter, stronger, and more energized. Move better...feel better!